Carolyn Brown

Carolyn Brown, RN

Baptist Memorial Hospital - Memphis
Memphis, Tennessee
United States

Carolyn came on shift one Saturday morning. I instantly knew that my life was on the line. My BP had been falling dangerously low all night long. My kidneys weren’t producing urine (even with a Foley). I was in excruciating pain and was quite anxious, although I didn’t yet realize the gravity of my situation. Carolyn, without causing a panic in me, was at my side and checking on me every five minutes. She gave me updates on her unrelenting phone calls to the doctors and the MRT. She also reassured me that I was going to be okay. She kept telling me to, “hang in there.” She was by my side tending to my emotional well-being, while she skillfully kept my STATS up, until I was transferred to ICU. Carolyn saved my life by recognizing imminent threats to my life. She acted promptly and with compassion.