Carol Dapkus

Carol Dapkus

Carol Dapkus, RN

Bolingbrook Immediate Care
Edward Hospital and Health Services
Naperville, Illinois
United States

Carol Dapkus, RN, Bolingbrook Immediate Care was recognized for her compassionate care.

Here are some excerpts about Carol from patient letters:

Carol is a model of true understanding due to her "listening skills". She made me feel understood - for real. A great nurse - a true calling - No we are not related in any way!!

Carol was so good to me and when I came in with a sprained foot she was so helpful. Thank-you so much Carol! She put ice on my foot right away so I wasn't hurting so much.

Nurse Carol was exceptional tonight with our son! We truly appreciate her patience and care she had with our son!

It was full attention from the time we arrived. Very friendly and detailed care. Awesome job!

Carol was really exceptional, friendly and helpful. She made us feel extremely comfortable. She had lots of great stories to share. All nurses should be that friendly and fun.