Carol Chambers

Carol Chambers

Carol Chambers, RN

7 West
UNC REX Healthcare
Raleigh, North Carolina
United States

After a long night in the Emergency room at Johnston Health, I was transferred to Rex Hospital. I had the nicest, most compassionate nurse named Carol. She always smiled, took excellent care of me, explained the medications I was getting, made sure my pain was manageable, and let me know about the procedures when I would be going down, etc. I was truly lucky to have her during my stay. She put together my discharge package and went over everything before she left.

While there are many wonderful nurses at the hospital, I felt comfort and peace when Carol was there to care for me during a difficult time. She also reminded me of my best friend which made me feel better about everything I was going though.

You can tell people who are there working because it is a job and those that truly care and have a passion for their job. That is Carol, and she truly goes above and beyond and truly stands for what the DAISY Award stands for and she deserves it. Thank you.