Carlin Cialino

Carlin Cialino

Carlin Cialino, BSN, RN

Perelman Outpatient Center
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States

... All acts of kindness go a long way on the second floor of the Perelman Outpatient Center. Carlin's continuous acts of kindness, support, help, and leadership are immeasurable.

I could write about how wonderful she is during every visit. She knows my name, makes me feel safe and welcomed and shows leadership to the other nurses on the floor. But what I want to thank her and acknowledge her for is one recent act of helpfulness.

My wife and I drive in from the shore. A visit to the University of Pennsylvania's Hospital is an exhausting day made worse by hours of driving in heavy traffic. Last week, I was scheduled for a doctor's appointment on one day and a blood infusion the next day. We tried to reschedule them for the same day and were not able to. I thought we were faced with two days of exhausting traffic and headaches.

Carlin recognized the inconvenience and knew how hard the second day would be for us. On her own motivation, she went up to the scheduling desk and made arrangements for both visits to occur on the same day. This was a true act of help, understanding, and empathy.

I believe Carlin is, and has always been, a terrific nurse. But on this day, I left the hospital feeling even better because of her efforts.