Carey Cochran

Carey Cochran

Carey Cochran, BSN, RN, CCRN, CPEN

Pediatric Emergency Room
Medical University of South Carolina
Charleston, South Carolina
United States
Carey is one that is always uplifting, she comes to work with a smile on her face.

Carey is always willing to help anyone in need of assistance. She is dedicated to providing excellent patient care. She advocates for her patients anytime it is necessary. She also advocates for her peers. Recently, we had a devastating trauma come into our unit. Despite having a full patient load, Carey jumped in to assist the team. Her critical care skills and knowledge helped expedite the care of this patient. Despite all efforts, there was nothing that the PED team could do to save this child. This particular situation was stressful and challenging for some of our staff members to deal with. As the attending physician was preparing to leave for his shift, Carey stopped him and requested that he stay for a few extra minutes to debrief with all that were involved. This debriefing helped gain closure and alleviate some of the stress on staff from this situation.

Carey is one that is always uplifting, she comes to work with a smile on her face. She sets a positive tone in the room when she enters. She provides excellent patient care. She is one that you will often see sitting down with patients and their parents. Carey's experience makes her an expert in the care of pediatric patients at all levels of acuity. Staff often go to Carey for advice and assistance in providing patient care.

Carey is well versed in her skills and knowledge. Despite having many years of bedside experience, Carey continues to seek further education. She is currently working on obtaining her Pediatric CCRN. Carey is one that rarely sits down. If other nurses are busy and running around, she does whatever she can to assist them. She is a good team player who is always willing to help out.

Carey's expertise is extremely valuable to our unit. She shares knowledge and skills that help other team members become stronger. She is thorough in her care and an amazing team player. She is an asset to our team and deserves to be recognized.