Cameron Ercink

Cameron Ercink

Cameron Ercink, RN

Med Surg
Sanford Medical Center - Fargo
Fargo, North Dakota
United States

Cameron provided exceptional care for M, who has been a patient at Sanford hospital in Fargo for the past nine weeks. Cameron was his nurse for six days and really made a difference through the ups and downs that keep happening with his recovery process. Cameron provided extraordinary care and demonstrated the professional practice roles of a nurse in the following ways:

Sentry: He communicated with the doctors and the other nurses who care for him. He also updated us each day as we visited and connected us with the doctors when requested.

Healer: Cameron took the time to get to know M and figure out the best plan to heal his body, mind and spirit. He learned early on we were not giving up and supported us with always finding the positives and increasing our optimism.

Guide: During a shift change he provided all of the information needed to the next nurse who may not have the time to look back through all of the many days of charts.

Teacher: Cameron did the best job of teaching us about what is going on with his care. We are not in the medical field but he helped us to understand a lot about the many health issues that have affected M during his hospital stay.

Collaborator: He truly worked with the Respiratory, Physical, and Occupational Therapy team as well as the doctors to achieve the goal of Marc being able to breathe on his own. He motivated M to push himself and work a little harder to improve each day and we watched his anxiety level improve.

Leader: Cameron is just an excellent nurse. He is knowledgeable and will without a doubt go on to be a leader in the field of nursing in the future.

Yesterday, as Cameron said goodbye to M and wished him well, his compassion brought me to tears. He is an amazing young man and Sanford is fortunate to have him on staff. He is most deserving of this award.