Bryan Goss

Bryan Goss

Bryan Goss, RN, CEN

UF Health - Shands
Gainesville, Florida
United States

Recently, two of our flight clinicians (Todd Brooks, RN/Paramedic and Bryan Goss, RN/Paramedic) were traveling to our ShandsCair 2 base in Summerfield, Fl., to begin their 24 hour shift. Due to the distance, they carpool and were therefore together in their car as they came upon an accident on I-75. They were on the scene prior to the arrival of EMS and the Fire Department.

They stopped and provided emergency aid to several individuals, including an individual who was trapped under a semi. Todd even climbed into the wrecked car to maintain an airway and c-spine alignment on the victim while specialized equipment was utilized to cut the car apart to allow extrication. While Todd was in the car under the semi, Bryan was tending to others at the scene, and then assisted with extrication.

The Alachua County Fire Rescue lead paramedic, who worked the accident, sent us the following compliment: "If you could pass on to Shandscair my extreme gratitude to both Todd Brooks and his partner Bryan. They were on scene of a vehicle accident I worked last week. When we arrived on scene Todd was already in the car with the patient and he stayed with her throughout the extrication. He provided care to the patient and was a competent and reliable resource. Bryan was a helpful set of hands with getting her out of the vehicle once she had been freed and getting her packaged and ready for transport. This was a difficult call and patient to handle. Both Todd and Bryan performed in a professional and caring manner. It is a comfort to know we have such capable partners in this job. They were not on duty and had no responsibility to act other than their kind and caring nature. It is much appreciated."

We also received notes of appreciation form the local Fire Department who assisted on the call.

The dedication and caring of both Todd and Bryan goes way beyond the walls of the hospital or the hours they punch the time clock.