Brooke Graham

Brooke Graham

Brooke Graham, RN

Staffing Pool - Women and Children's Services
Mission Hospital - Asheville
Asheville, North Carolina
United States
Brooke treated us differently than ordinary patients and more like family in our unique situation.

Brooke is strong in providing extraordinary, compassionate care. The smile on her face when I met her was warm and welcoming. Her attention to the details passed onto her from the night nurse was exact. She did not forget our goals while it was her time with us.          

Brooke is strong at connecting with us. Her ability to be warm and understanding at all times is exceptional. She clearly had other patients, but when she was in our room she made it feel as though we were the only patients she had. I felt secure and confident in her ability to take care of me and baby. She didn’t try to push her beliefs about how to take care of baby. She was able to give me confidence and support my ideas and my ability to nurse and take care of baby.          

She helped me to sleep by encouraging people not to disturb us while we were napping. My husband and I felt that she made our time at Mission feel intimate, warm and special. Brooke served us well, listened to us well and took time to connect with us. We are thankful to have had her as our nurse.


When A’s doctors ran in due to baby’s heart rate drop and literally ran her out screaming and crying for an emergency C-section, I was scared, nervous and oblivious as to what was going on. When they brought me into the surgery room, A was still on the operating table with doctors working on her. Brooke immediately tending to me, to keep my mind and eyes off what was happening behind me and focused on baby and her. She got my phone and took several pictures of me and baby for A because she was out and missed the entire birth (which felt like days).

While we were waiting, she was assuring me that A was okay and would be done soon, also explaining the baby was okay and how to watch for signs of his breathing while keeping me focused on the positives. While we waited for A in the recovery room, Brooke kept me distracted so I wouldn’t focus on A in her current state on the table. She never let an arm’s distance come between us, as she went to get papers. I wish I could show whoever reads this the feelings running through my head at that time, so you could understand how much Brooke helped us! It is impossible to describe my feelings at that time or how much Brooke did and how much she kept me sane.

All I can do is tell you from the bottom of my heart she is a kind, loving person and went above and beyond her duties as a nurse. I could see she genuinely cared about us. She treated us differently than ordinary patients and more like family in our unique situation. Her kind and loving soul is an asset to your hospital. This should be rewarded, studied and duplicated! With sincerity and thankfulness.