Broderick Neameyer

Broderick Neumeyer

Broderick Neameyer, RN

5W Neuro
Providence Alaska Medical Center
Anchorage, Alaska
United States
Broderick's commitment to excellence made our hospital stay an overall positive experience in spite of the trauma that brought us there.

We first met Broderick the night my brother underwent right facial reconstruction following a float-plane crash. While the surgery was deemed a success, achieving appropriate pain control was a significant challenge and further complicated by a left temporal TBI resulting in waxing and waning periods of aphasia. Broderick took the time to ask and answer questions. He spoke slowly to allow time for processing and sought clarification from D when he was unsure what D was communicating. This was not a straightforward or swift task to commit to, but he consistently ensured D’s needs were met. Broderick never left the room without understanding what D was saying and checking with each family member so all our questions were answered.

The complexity of Broderick’s commitment to listen bears mentioning. D and his wife, who was 37 weeks pregnant at the time, live on Kodiak. The change of location, impending birth of their first child and the looming question of D’s ability to attend the birth lead to increasing levels of anxiety and immense pressure to his rate of healing. Additionally, as a nurse, I had frequent questions, insurmountable standards and overall distrust of the hospital system which can only come from having worked inside one for so long. None of this shook the foundation of excellence Broderick provided.

Before we transferred to 5W from ICU, D asked his family to not leave him alone. He had a fear-filled night in ICU that he is still trying to forget. I slept in his room for the five nights Broderick was D’s nurse, and I felt comfortable sleeping, knowing D was in Broderick’s care.

That sense of comfort came from watching Broderick practice the art and science of nursing. D was encouraged by Broderick to participate in therapies after several days of turning them down. It was only after a conversation with Broderick that D was willing to commit to his recovery. Broderick was the nurse to show understanding of surgical incision care and despite the discomfort it caused, convinced D of its purpose and necessity. As a family, we would sigh in exasperation as it only took one statement from Broderick to convince D to say yes to something we had been urging him to do all day. Broderick’s commitment to excellence and safety was also confirmed in his thorough head-to-toe assessments and faithfully following the rights of medication administration. Broderick even went so far as shielding D’s eyes from the medication administration scanner, a truly thoughtful intervention. I knew D was being cared for as a whole person, not just his injuries. Above all else, I knew D was safe under Broderick’s care.

Broderick demonstrated advanced knowledge of narcotic administration throughout his time as D’s nurse. For example, D unexpectedly began to have “skull-crushing” pain. He became disoriented and was compromising his surgical site while attempting to provide counter pressure. As soon as we called, Broderick was immediately available. Oral pain medication had already been administered 30 minutes before, so he provided D with physical comfort measures to wait for the pain medication already given to start working before moving to an intravenous medication. He always communicated his plan for pain control to D and our family. Because of his critical thinking, commitment to doing what is best for the patient and not taking the easy way out, Broderick provided exceptional care while not compromising D’s safety.

When D and the rest of our family mention Broderick, the most commonly used phrase is, “He was just the best.” While we know he must have had other patients, based on his availability to our calls, his frequent check-ins for D’s comfort and overall presence, we would have never known there were competing priorities. His commitment to excellence made our hospital stay an overall positive experience in spite of the trauma that brought us there. We are incredibly grateful for Broderick’s excellent nursing and the respect he showed D in his weakest state.

Broderick not only revealed the love of Christ through the compassionate service he provided D and his family, he also exemplified respect, compassion, justice, excellence and stewardship - all the PAMC core values. The rapport and trust he built through his compassionate care led us through the painful beginning stages of our healing as a family.

Based on Broderick’s incredible compassion and the comfort and healing we saw D experience as a direct result of his service, we have nominated Broderick for a DAISY award. We give our highest recommendation of Broderick and encourage Providence Alaska Medical Center to recognize his dedication.