Brittany Huddleston

Brittany Huddleston

Brittany Huddleston, RN

L & D
Mercy Hospital St. Louis
St. Louis, Missouri
United States

Brittany Huddleston, RN was nominated for the DAISY Award because she “turned the worst day of a patient’s life into a day the patient can look back and recall an experience in which she was treated with compassion and respect.”

A first-time mom at 38 weeks gestation had her hopes and dreams shattered after discovering her baby had no heartbeat. Faced with delivering a stillborn baby, the mom was cared for by Brittany at Mercy Hospital St. Louis. She spent multiple hours at the mother’s bedside answering questions and providing her with the guidance she needed to make it through the labor and birth of her daughter. When the baby was born, Brittany tenderly held the baby for the mother who was emotionally distraught. “She did for me what I could not do for myself. Brittany’s care made all the difference in the world.”

Brittany’s compassionate care for the mother continued into the evening as the woman discovered her grandfather had just passed away. Brittany stayed at her bedside to provide comfort and support as she received the devastating news.

“I hope to have Brittany care for me again someday. I can’t think of anyone I would rather have at my bedside. She is the reason I got through my heartbreaking experience.”