Brittany Hagge

Brittany Hagge

Brittany Hagge, RN

St. Jude Medical Center - Fullerton
Fullerton, California
United States

From taking on the role of skin resource nurse on her unit, to stepping forward as a preceptor to new hires, new grads and nursing students, Brittany Hagge, RN, goes above and beyond in her service to her unit and is a tremendous team player.

As a relief charge nurse, Brittany provides support to physicians and staff and takes opportunities to learn new skills whenever she can. She is currently pursuing a BSN degree. Brittany's colleagues frequently praise her for readily sharing her knowledge, whether it's best practices for hospital bed use and pressure ulcer prevention or demonstrating new technologies such as IV ultrasound devices.

Her hard work leaves a lasting impression on patients as well, including one recent
patient who wrote in to thank Brittany for recommending and utilizing the IV ultrasound:
"Because I have had so many IV draws, finding viable veins can be difficult," the
patient wrote. "Using the IV ultrasound, Brittany was able to locate a vein and perform a successful and painless draw in just minutes. My arm and I were both impressed!"