Brittany Dargavell

Brittany Dargavell

Brittany Dargavell, RN

Quality Department
Bourbon Community Hospital
Paris, Kentucky
United States
She brightens my day and lifts me up.

Brittany has an infectious smile that up lifts everyone around her.  She is always willing to help and you can tell she loves what she does.  Brittany not only is great with her patients but fellow employees.  She is willing to give a helping hand whenever possible. 

The following is the story from the patient:

“Brittany has an infectious smile.  She brightens my day and lifts me up.  It makes what I am there for so much easier.  She went above and beyond to help me when I first came in for a scope.  UK couldn't get me in for 2 months and I had such bad varices in my throat and she called UK for me to try and get me in sooner.  She was so concerned that I may bleed to death if I didn’t get fast attention.  She even called Cincinnati and they said they could get me in, but UK called back before I made that appointment and took me on.  I owe her for the help.  She calls me her “fellow,” and every time I come in now for a paracentesis, she looks me up.  She is such a people person.  My wife and I love her so much.  She is beautiful inside and out and she certainly deserves the DAISY Award!  She takes good care of me.  She is an extraordinary, compassionate nurse.”