May 2010
Los Angeles
United States




Brittany Adams, 8 ICU Brittany’s empathy and nursing intuition have made her one of UCLA’s stand-out nurses. She serves as an example to those she works with and inspires day in and day out. “Brittany is always going above and beyond. Several months ago she had one of our long-term transplant patients who was trached. Brittany took the time to go above and beyond, conversing with the patient and discovering her interests and hobbies. She discovered the patient liked tropical fish and monkeys. On her own time, Brittany printed out colored pictures of tropical fish and monkeys writing inspirational messages on them for the patient. She hung them around the room to remind the patient to think positively. It was awesome for all the other staff as we used the pictures as an insight to get to know the patient holistically beyond her disease. It was truly a great conversation piece to connect with the patient. Brittany is truly deserving of the Daisy award for establishing compassionate relationships with all her patients and families. Her warm, inviting eagerness to help others makes her a great colleague nurse as well.” —Nominated and written by Michelle Rahmani, RN