Briona Colthart

Briona Colthart

Briona Colthart, RN

Lutheran Medical Center
Wheat Ridge, Colorado
United States
Bri was amazingly kind and understanding.

I had been struggling with pain from gallbladder disease for several days when I met Bri. She was amazingly kind and understanding. I felt that she was the first nurse that went out of her way to advocate for my care. When Bri arrived, she recognized that I was in too much pain and never hesitated to call the doctors for more meds or do anything in her power to make me more comfortable. She stayed on top of my medication schedule, always arriving in my room when meds were due without me having to call. By being proactive and having my dosage/medications adjusted, she was able to bring my pain under control for the first time in almost a week.

 In addition to all of this, she was amazingly compassionate. She was able to change my diet to clear liquids so that I could have broth and Jell-o the day before my surgery. After being sick and hardly eating for five days, it was wonderful to be able to eat foods that would not give me pain. Bri helped me shower when I had not been cleaned for days and offered me a gown.

Overall, I don't believe that Bri could have done anything more to make my stay at the hospital the best it could be. I feel that she was outstanding and embodies what every nurse should strive to be.