Brenda Bailey

Brenda Bailey, BSN, RN, CCRN, OCN

Critical Care
Baylor Regional Medical Center at Plano
Plano, Texas
United States

We had a patient in the ICU who was confused, alone, and afraid of what was happening to him. Along with his health situation, he was going through ETOH withdrawal and a family breakup, which was causing him tremendous stress. Brenda took the patient under her wing like she does so many times, especially with her peers. She walked him everywhere and kept him busy to take his mind off his situation. Brenda always exhibits compassionate care. She strives to make the patients' experience the best it could possibly be. She is one of the best patient-centered nurses I have ever met.


When we think of a nurse with great clinical skill and compassionate care, we tend to think of the actual care of the patient. Sometimes the compassionate care of a nurse can be to another nurse or peer. Such is the case of Brenda. I had the opportunity to see Brenda work as a preceptor for one of our new graduate nurses. From the beginning, Brenda showed great patience and care in explaining every procedure and aspect of taking care of a patient in our high acuity unit. Brenda always ensured that even in overwhelming situations, this new graduate felt supported, utilizing a tender, compassionate touch to her interaction with her. Even after the internship, Brenda would follow up with our GN to make sure she was doing well on her own in the night shift. To this day, you can tell how much this new nurse appreciates Brenda's mentorship. I can't think of a better preceptor to have as your beginning guide for your nursing career, and as a role model, Brenda is contributing to the next generation of nurses. Brenda has made a great impact on the future of this nurse and how she will ultimately provide compassionate care to her patients.