Branka Kleva

Branka Kleva

Branka Kleva, RN

North Shore University Hospital
Manhasset, New York
United States
Words alone are not enough to explain all Branka has done. Her knowledge in this field and empathy impressed me and I knew I was in good hands and going to be okay.

For the past four days, I received excellent care from all the staff here. Yet, I have to single out this nurse because she really went the extra mile and that is Branka. I have a history of breast cancer and I was just recently diagnosed with lung cancer which metastasized to the brain. I am in a lot of pain, always nauseated and dizzy. I just feel my life is shattered and everything is going wrong. I know I can be a pain in the “you know what”, but your nurse Branka never made me feel that way. She patiently answered every question, no matter how silly of a question it was.  If she didn’t immediately know the answer she found out and made sure to get back to me as soon as she could. Branka also made sure I was pain-free.

One day I was crying because I soiled myself and if you know me this is embarrassing and humiliating. I know I screamed at her. She never made me feel rushed, or that I was asking too many questions or in a way unreasonable, even though I know at times I probably was. Branka showed me a picture of her brother who was diagnosed with lung cancer that metastasized to the brain and he went through surgery and chemotherapy. Something similar to what I am going through right now. She told me her brother was her life and she raised him. Once she found out about his cancer she immediately flew him up to New York and he lived with her. She got him to every doctor’s appointment, was there by his side during the surgery and took him for the continuation of treatment after surgery. Branka continues to encourage me to stay positive about my illness. She showed me an updated picture of her brother with her granddaughter and all smiles lit on my face. This is when I knew God had sent me an Angel. It makes me wish I was better with my words so I could paint the picture of how important she was in my cancer journey as I leave this unit. She is the best nurse I have ever had the pleasure of being the patient of and going through cancer, you encounter a lot of nurses. Branka is a truly amazing nurse and you should be proud you have her on your team.

Words alone are not enough to explain all she has done. Her knowledge in this field and empathy impressed me and I knew I was in good hands and going to be okay. Please as I leave this unit, tell Branka I know she is busy with another patient, let her know that I heard every word she said, and I will always remember her.


Branka is a seasoned nurse who surpasses the compassion and skill normally considered with the standard care on a medicine unit. While all the unit nurses are dedicated to their job, she stands out. She has worked on our unit as a nurse for 20 years.

During those years, she has demonstrated outstanding patient care with extraordinary bedside skills. She works as a nurse preceptor to many nurses and they all adore her dedication and selflessness in caring for her patients. Her compassion penetrates well beyond the bedside. She has the amazing ability to connect with patients. Branka is a strong advocate for her patients and she cares about her patients.

Branka serves as a living example of dedication and commitment to true patient advocacy, delivering personalized care to all her patients in all circumstances.