Brandy Canfield

Brandy Canfield

Brandy Canfield, RN

Emergency Room / Operating Room
East Morgan County Hospital
Brush, Colorado
United States

Brandy is one of the most caring people we have known. My wife was in the emergency department because of a number of reasons. When we walked in she remembered me from having cataract surgery seven months ago and was very sympathetic to my wife. She continued to update us on what was going on through a number of tests, etc. And did so in a very caring way.


She is the sweetest kindest person. She made me feel so comfortable, insuring positiveness in my colon procedure. Great at putting I.V.'s. She said, this would probably be the worst part and I didn't feel anything. My thought then was this will be fine. Thank you so much! I'm sure she will be very successful in the medical profession!