Brandy Bruton

Brandy Bruton, RN

Washington Regional Medical Center
Fayetteville, Arkansas
United States

Upon my arrival, I was so scared, afraid of dying and never seeing my family again. At 7:00 am Nurse Brandy came in. She showed compassion, lent me a shoulder to cry on while reassuring me that everything was going to be all right. She took the time to help me understand what was wrong with me and that steps were being taken to help me feel better. She never once "rushed" in and out. She even made sure my wife understood and professionally answered both of our questions. I thought as I lay here in the same room I am at peace and have no fear all due to Brandy and the loving, kind, soft spirited person that she is. I believe that Brandy should be a training instructor on how the WRMC nurses should treat, care, and honor their patients in their time of need.
Brandy truly has the Healer's Touch.