Brandi Ziegler

Brandi Ziegler

Brandi Ziegler, RN

Acute Care Unit - Pulmonary
DCH Regional Medical Center & Northport Medical Center
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
United States

Brandi has been exceptional to me and my family from the moment I got here. She has
taken extra special care of me and went out of her way for my four year old son. Each day or night she has made time to come and REALLY get to know me. She even shared stories from her own life, just to make me feel a little more comfortable. She has never worried about embarrassing herself because it put me at ease.

I never had to wait or anything. She was always on top of my well-being! I definitely feel very safe with her! She absolutely established a special connection with me and my family. Her positivity, energy and enthusiasm are VERY infectious. All nurses should strive to be more like her !!!

I was admitted on Saturday and I am nominating her on Tuesday. She's been with me everyday since I got here whether it be days or nights. She has been wonderful !!

Thank you so much.