Brad Betz

Brad Betz

Brad Betz, RN

Medical ICU
Saint Luke's East Hospital
Lee's Summit, Missouri
United States

We were lucky to have Brad on duty for 3 nights. He was compassionate and always explained using step-by-step details for everything he was doing. This was done while my dad was fully sedated or lucid. It did not matter if the procedure was something simple like taking his temperature or something more intense. Every medicine was explained, the fancy bed movement was discussed, and why dad ended up in the ICU was recounted multiple times. Each time Brad was done, he always asked if there was anything my Dad needed. When he got his answer, he would look me in the eyes and ask if I needed anything.


When Brad was in the room, things were never rushed. He took his time to be caring, careful, comforting, and most importantly accurate. Brad did all the little things too. He took it upon himself to scratch Dad's back and put lotion on him, not because Dad asked, but because Brad sensed it would make him more comfortable. This extended to the family, making sure we had a warm blanket in the middle of the night or a chair to sit on in the hall for when Dad needed privacy.


Brad's positivity, optimism, and honesty were appreciated, but it was his realisticness which made the family believe in him. This is only a tiny glimpse of what a tremendous Man and RN Brad is. When someone is in Brad's care, their healing skyrockets. Saint Luke's East has a superhero in the ICU unit. His name is Brad Betz!