Bonnie McClusky

Bonnie McClusky, RN

Diagnositc Breast Care Center
Lutheran Medical Center (CO)
Wheat Ridge, Colorado
United States

I have had the privilege of working very closely with Bonnie for the last year. During this time Bonnie has been a steadfast example of someone who demonstrates the many characteristics which translate into the definition of an extraordinary nurse. It has always been my opinion that the practice of nursing encompasses both skill and art. Bonnie EXCELS in both.
The role of the nurse in the Breast Care Center involves many facets of nursin. These include patient care, patient education, coordination and management of the Breast Care Center schedule, commuity outreach, teamwork and leadership.
In the area of patient care, Bonnie is one of the most compassionate nurses I have ever met! Her patients consistenly receive excellent care and, more importantly, feel loved and cared for. Bonnis is always all about what is best for the patient. I do not think htat it would be an exaggeration to say that Bonnie may very well represent a whole army of angels through the collective perspective of the many women she has so compassionaltely touched during her time spent as a nurse in the Breast Care Center.
Bonnie is a Certified Breast Nurse Navigator and is a wealth of knowledge. She is an extraordinary patient educator. Bonnie consistently goes to great lengths to educate patients about breast health and devotes as much time and effort necessary to meet the needs of each of her patients. Other contributions Bonnie has made to the educational success of the Breast Care Center include the implementation of the Self Breast Exam Educational Program, the long term Coordination of the monthly Breast Conference and several community based presentations.
Bonnie consistently demonstrates leadership skills by her keen ability to see the whole operational picture of the Breast Care Center, apply much forethought in helping to maintain a smooth flow of patient care and is always thinking of ways to do things better. Her leadership was especially crucial during a very long transitional period which began with the physical renovation of the Breast Care Center and continuyed to evolve for several months. Major changes in the operation of the Center, the addition of new team members and the adaptation of veteran team members. There existed an abundance of stress and anxiety. I belive Bonnie is the one who held everything together despite the many challenges and stress that she herself was experiencing during this evolutional time.
Last but not least of noteworthy mention is another service that Bonnie has procided to many patients and families outside the Breast Center for a very long time. Bonnie creates hand, feet and sometimes eve face sculptures. This service has been especially treasured by the families of many hospice patients and parents who have suffered the loss of an infant. Bonnie does beatiful work and does it with the utmost compassion.