Bobby Calhoun

Bobby Calhoun

Bobby Calhoun, RN

Caldwell Memorial Hospital
Lenoir, North Carolina
United States
Bobby was very professional, knowledgeable, caring, compassionate and efficient in providing my care.

Over the last 50 years, I have been hospitalized numerous times in various medical facilities with a variety of medical issues. Nursing care has covered a wide variety of styles and care. As a retired RN, I have observed and experienced all types of nursing care. Bobby Calhoun is one of the best overall nurses that I have EVER had!

During 2019, I have had five hospitalizations in three local medical facilities. The last two admissions were here at CMH-UNC. During the previous admission here, Bobby was my nurse only one night and he gave good care. During this last admission, Bobby was my primary caregiver on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. With more than one doctor involved in my care, there were some medication issues that concerned me. I shared some of my medical history with Bobby. He was very professional, knowledgeable, caring, compassionate and efficient in providing my care. With medication changes, I questioned each medication given to me and he was able to discuss the actions and side effects of each one; therefore helping me to decide whether or not I would take the medication offered. Because of previous adverse reactions to some medicines, I was very appreciative of all the information.

About 2:00 am on Monday morning, I experienced some chest pain. Bobby came immediately to my room, called the doctor, an EKG was done immediately. All care required was done very quickly and efficiently. My anxiety was quickly relieved. Hearing activity in the next room, I concluded that the patient must be elderly; hard of hearing with some dementia who was awake most of the night with requests such as wanting out of bed; sit in a chair or wanting to go home. I could hear Bobby's responses; talking so the patient could hear; was kind, patient, informative and instructive so the patient could understand in his mental state while remaining professional in the care of that patient.

All of the patients in Bobby's care were very fortunate to have him as the primary nurse on the night shift. CMH-UNC is very fortunate to have this nurse as an employee providing the highest standard of excellent nursing care to all his patients. He is a true DAISY Nurse.