Blaze Brown

Blaze Brown

Blaze Brown, BSN, RN

3 East - Cardiology
Providence Healthcare Network
Waco, Texas
United States
Blaze told him he was an important human being and not to settle for just any care.

This story began when our father was moved out of the ICU to the East nursing unit. His heart rate was dangerously low. A nurse entered his room and introduced herself to us as Blaze Brown and told us not to worry, he was in good hands. She said she would be taking care of him. All we can say is Wow! Care doesn’t begin to describe what she gave to all of us. She gave us hope, encouragement, kindness, and educated us every step of the way.

Blaze was constantly checking on him and as she did, she would also check on us. She understood that we were scared and worried and didn’t really know what was happening. She gave us a smile that made the worries turn into hopes. She cared from the inside of her heart by spending so much time explaining to our Dad what he should and shouldn’t do to try and make his life as normal as it can be going back to a nursing home. He seemed to be her only patient because that’s the time she took in answering each question and then taking time to listen to our stories. Every time she entered the room, our Dad’s face would light up and after she left, Dad would say that she was smarter and had more genuine care and compassion than anyone he had ever encountered in his 85+ years.

The most touching part of the entire stay was some of the last words Blaze said to our Dad. She told him he was an important human being and not to settle for just any care, but to look for a place that would provide him with the best care. She said he deserved that as a human being and if he didn’t feel as if he was getting that in the facility he had to return to, then he needed to find a place that does care about him because he was, “Far too important to too many people to not be treated correctly and with respect!”

We think Dad was giving up but after being at Providence, we believe that he now has an entirely different perspective on life. He is having therapy twice a day (and seems to be enjoying it!) and eating better and we firmly believe that it is because Blaze took the time to care, to educate him, to motivate him and to let him know that life is special. She explained her philosophy and told him that to get the best out of anything, you must give it your best and that’s what he’s now doing. She went so far above and beyond what most caregivers would do, but she probably doesn’t even realize that because she is such a special, loving and caring individual in everything she does in life.

Blaze continuously said all lives are special and important. She is in her called profession and if we all cared for each other as much as Blaze cares about people, what a wonderful place this world would be! She is such an asset to the patients, their families, and to your hospital. She will never understand the impact that her smile and her unselfish giving of her time had on our family, but we sincerely wanted to thank you so much for sharing her with us! Blaze is the best!