Blaine DeLair

Blaine DeLair

Blaine DeLair, RN

Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
United States

Notes from the Manager:

I received a letter from the family of a patient on 12S. The patient just arrived back from surgery and as soon as she mentioned Blaine’s name, her eyes just sparkled. She stated: “He treats me like an angel. I consider him my second son. He talks to my family so nicely. He doesn’t just walk in and out; he takes his time. I wouldn’t trade him for anyone else.” I talked with the patient and family later and they stated, “Blaine went the extra mile.” The patient loved sports and Blaine would come in even if he wasn’t taking care of her and give her score updates and talk about the games from the previous night. Blaine would check in on the patient and family every shift he worked, even if he wasn’t assigned to them. “He always had a smile on his face, very genuine. We felt like he was always there and just for us.” Blaine has been a recent addition to 12S since he just graduated. He’s an excellent team player, willing to accommodate other people’s schedules. His goodwill is contagious and he helps keep moral up on the floor.

Letter from the family:

My mother has been at St. Luke’s in the patient tower since October 3, 2011. Though many of the nurses and aides were quite friendly there is one nurse that stands out. His name is Blaine. I’ve worked with nurses many years but I never saw and felt a more caring and passionate nurse towards a patient. He made my mother feel so important and kept her smiling with all that she was going through. He was gentle and very reassuring letting her know everything will be fine. Even on his night or day shift when he didn’t have her as a patient, he would make a point of coming to say “Hi” to her. He knew how much she enjoyed sports and he would come in after a game and talk to her about the game. There was never a time he didn’t wear a smile or make you feel like you were bothering him when you asked a question. My mother felt blessed having such a wonderful nurse.

If anyone deserves a DAISY Award, it would be Blaine. He sets a good example of what a nurse should be like when taking care of a patient.

Our entire family wishes to thank Blaine for all the extra he did for our mother. St. Luke’s Hospital should be proud to have him working for them.