Bill Martinez

Bill Martinez

Bill Martinez, RN

5N Medical Oncology
Providence Alaska Medical Center
Anchorage, Alaska
United States
Bill is my wife's biggest fan and makes her want to get up and go!

Bill, thank you for treating us like human beings with dignity and respect and having a kindred spirit and soul as a nurse and a friend. There are not enough words to express the appreciation that we have for you. From the minute you walked through the door you lit the room up. You didn’t even know us, but we felt like we’d known you our whole lives.

We’ve been here in the hospital for three months. My wife sustained a broken neck and back and is paralyzed with a colostomy bag after a tragic car accident. She had given up hope and then God sent Bill. Now she’s eating and doing well in physical therapy. He’s her biggest fan and makes her want to get up and go!


Bill wraps me in a blanket after PT and always compliments me and raises me up to oncoming staff. He always takes plenty of time to answer questions. On one occasion he knelt on one knee between us to give a thorough explanation of our question of the day.

Thank you again for being who you are and never change. You don’t need an excuse to stop by and visit anytime! 

Note: This is Bill's 2nd DAISY Award!