Betty Woods
June 2016
Gastroenterology/Endoscopy Unit
Capital Health Medical Center Hopewell
United States




Betty Woods is assigned to the holding room every day and greets our patients with a warm, smiling, compassionate personality that helps our patients, who are coming in for procedures, feel comfortable and cared for. Betty treats her co-workers with the same warmth and compassion. She has a great sense of humor and works continuously without complaints. *** Betty has such a positive attitude and cheerful demeanor, regardless of whatever the circumstances throughout the day. She is a comforting presence to our patients and staff on a daily basis. She is the first person our patients ask for when they come to our department. *** Betty is the kindest person to welcome you to the Endoscopy/GI. She treats everyone as if they are her friend and helps to keep everyone at ease while waiting for their procedure. She has given many years of service to this establishment and knows just about everyone here. She is a sweet person and always laughs and smiles.