Betty Darang Macalma

Betty Darang Macalma

Betty Darang Macalma, RN

Neuro, NS, Oto, Gen Surg
University of Washington Medical Center
Seattle, Washington
United States

Betty has been a devoted and loyal nurse at UWMC for 33+ years on 4NE (and the old 4N). She has been the main night shift charge nurse for several years. She shows leadership, clinical knowledge and has excellent technical skills that only years of experience can teach someone.

There have been countless times when Betty is sought after for her excellent IV starting skills. Patients often comment on these skills and how she is able to do it keeping them relaxed and without them feeling much of anything! Her success rate is unparalleled!

Betty is supportive to her colleagues and quick to get resources quickly when needed. One of her colleagues remembers, "One time a patient was having acute respiratory distress and Betty helped to facilitate getting the resources needed to care for my other patients and made sure I was okay before leaving me with the patient. She was also comforting to the patient's family - she put them at ease and gave them confidence that their loved one was in excellent hands. This is just a sample of the caring she does for our patients and staff."

Betty has the ability to always know what is going on, on the floor. She is everywhere' one colleague states!" "She is always so helpful!" Maybe it's because she has been on the floor for so many years and in the charge nurse role, but she has a calming effect on the floor, she has things under control. She is also never idle - there is always something to clean or straighten up. She also has great ideas to help us improve the work place or how we do things. Betty brought the idea of using slider sheets to the attention of leadership!

Thank you Betty for your leadership, your caring and your expertise! You are our DAISY for 4NE!