Beth Armentrout
August 2020
Neuro Critical Care
The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
United States




Last month, Beth and I had handed a patient back and forth for a few days, being on opposite shifts. This was the saddest case I had seen in my nursing career - a young man whose life was taken too soon due to a tragic accident. The accident left this patient brain dead, but he had the ability to save countless lives through organ donation with the rest of his body being in perfect health. This incident occurred in the midst of the pandemic, while visitor restrictions changed daily and everyone was uneasy on the current policies. Beth went above and beyond the call of duty by advocating for this patient's family, making sure every family member had the opportunity to visit the patient while adhering to strict guidelines. While talking to the family, the patient's mother raved about how he was the biggest Buckeyes fan. Unfortunately, our hospital gift shop was closed, so Beth's husband ran out and bought an Ohio State blanket and dropped it off at the hospital. The family was unconditionally grateful and so thankful they had a keepsake to take home that could remind them of the patient. Beth was with the patient's mother as she said goodbye to her son for the last time, her only child. This wasn't your typical goodbye, this was a warm body with a beating heart. It was extremely hard for the mother to accept that her son was truly gone when the monitor showed a heart rate and a strong blood pressure. She was nearly inconsolable as she was leaving, but Beth answered each of her questions with immense kindness, all while absorbing the mother's tears into her scrub top. Beth comforted her with vast compassion and strength while keeping her composure, something that would be extremely difficult for many of us in that situation. This is only one example of the many difficult situations I have witnessed Beth manage. She consistently provides the best care and advocacy for her complex patients, as well as for their family members. She is an invaluable member of our NCCU team, as well as the nursing profession.