The Behavioral Health Team at Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center

The Behavioral Health Team

The Behavioral Health Team at Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center

Behavioral Health Unit
Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center
Las Vegas, Nevada
United States
Dane Caisip, Charge RN; Gemedis Petros, RN; Tricia Hechimovich, LCSW; Tamika Swearingen, RN, Case Manager; Cooper Paula, CNA; Anthony Soto, CNA; Darren Julius Nool, RN; Sarah Dilger, CNA; Dr. Majooran

It takes a special type of person to choose to devote their career to the care of people in medical need. That type of person is even more elevated when they choose to work with patients and loved ones who are challenged daily by mental disorders.

As a longtime partner and caregiver for the patient, I have seen those challenges first hand over the last seven years since he has been stricken by dementia (or should I say, "Senile Degeneration of the Brain.") The last two weeks since he has been confined to the Rise Unit has opened my eyes, mind and heart to the extreme difficulties that caring for a patient with this disorder can present. It is with extreme gratitude that I extend my sincere appreciation for the kindness, compassion, and empathy that you all have shown to both the patient and me. He is a different person leaving the unit than he was coming in and I have all of you to thank for making that difference.

Under the direction of Dr. Majooran, Dane, Petros, Trish, Tamika, Cooper, Tony, Darrin, Sarah, and all others, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the service you have provided. You are all very special people and as I continue on this difficult journey with him, you have inspired me and I will never forget how kind and compassionate you have been towards the two of us. As the patient is unable to speak for himself, please let me speak for him and express his gratitude as well. This could have been a frightening experience for him, but because of all of you, he has felt safe in your sensitive and capable hands.

It is my solitary goal to provide him with the best possible ending to his life and now with the ability to bring Hospice into our home, I believe that I can provide that conclusion. None of us know how long we have on this earth, and all we can do is be the best that we can while we are still here. By choosing to be medical professionals, you go above and beyond that requirement and for that I will always be grateful.