Becky Clamp

Becky Clamp, RN

Labor & Delivery
University Hospital - Augusta, GA
Augusta, Georgia
United States

Becky Clamp went beyond her call of duty as she sat by my side in my room from 7a-8p. She barely took a 30 min lunch because she wanted to keep an eye on me. She was scheduled to get off work at 7pm but I delivered my little girl at 7:43p and she stayed to help and she said she wanted to see her!

As a first time mommy, I was so scared and did not know what to expect, but she gently "held my hand" and talked me through every bit of it. I had some complication with my epidural and had to have it replaced. I was in severe pain with contractions and was having to sit up on the side of the bed so the Dr. could place another epidural. Becky put my head on her shoulder and held me close and talked me through it. I will forever be grateful for her compassion and dedication. Her bedside manner should be an example for all nurses, especially L&D when so much pain and uncertainty is occurring. UH will lose an excellent addition when she retires soon. I wish her the best that life has to offer as she retires.

Thank you Becky, I will never forget you and I can't wait to tell my little girl all about you.