Becca Rogge

Becca Rogge

Becca Rogge, RN

Bryan Medical Center
Lincoln, Nebraska
United States

I was in your facility for the delivery of my second child. During my time there, I was blessed to have had wonderful experience with the staff that cared for me and my newborn daughter however, there is one member of your staff that stood out and provided such exceptional care. Becca was my evening/overnight nurse and she was absolutely amazing. When Becca came on duty, she came in to assess me and to check on the baby. It was clear she had reviewed my chart prior to coming to see me. She didn't ask me questions that could have been clearly answered by reading my chart. It felt like the questions she asked were a genuine effort to get to know me and my husband so she could personalize her interaction with us.

Truly, any time I asked for assistance (which felt like a lot), I profusely apologized as I felt like a huge pain but she reassured me she was glad to do it; she was kind, nurturing and even joked with me. Seems silly but it was what I needed to hear in those moments.

I don't know that my own mother could have cared for me better or have had more patience with me. She was simply amazing. To me, I felt like more than just another patient to her; she truly has a passion for her job and it was evident. I ask that you recognize her because she really touched my life in the short time I had with her.