Barbra Pacatang
October 2018
Medical/Surgical 5T
UC Irvine Medical Center
United States




Barbra is an exceptional nurse with the very best nursing skills. She has a strong and firm attitude for the wellness and wellbeing for her patients. That is overwhelming to be certain. The overall concern, care, and treatment of, and, for her patients is the very best. Barbra is not only an extremely good nurse but also a kind, compassionate and gifted person. She came to this country after becoming a nurse and then focused her life with the objective to assist and heal sick people in the United States. In the time of a family emergency, she took the extra added action to help me personally with a family crisis while I myself was a patient in here at UCI. Being 71 years old with several medical health problems, I was downcast. It was a sad and even frustrating encounter to be very sure. However, this nurse not only took 100% care of my medical needs, seeing I was pain-free but also made me feel safe and secure. Her nurse medical skills are only to be surpassed by her super great extreme kindness as a human being. UCI hospital is a leading medical center in the area, and it is because of nurses like Barbra.