Barbara May

Barbara May, RN

Women's Center
Spring View Hospital
Lebanon, Kentucky
United States

Barbara is a people person. She comes to work smiling and thankful to be here. She is always ready and willing to help anyone. It does not matter how big or small, you can always count on her. Her number one goal is our patients and their family. She wants to be sure each patient is comfortable and has everything they need. She wants each patient to feel welcomed to our facility. She wants them to know we will give them excellent care and thanks them for using our facility.
Barbara works with Moms and babies to help them get a good start bonding with their newborn. One Mom was not able to take her baby home (the baby went to foster care) The mom was devastated, crying and did not have family support. Barbara was there to comfort her, and to encourage her to do what she needed to do to have the baby returned to her care. Barbara kept in touch with this mom for a long time. There are many moms she calls after they leave the hospital just to say how are you doing. When Barbara goes to Louisville to visit family, she will also go by the hospital to check on a baby or a mom we have transferred. Recently she has been helping a lady from our community who was involved in a very tragic car accident. This lady remains hospitalized in Louisville. Barbara has spent several days with her to do what was needed and give her family a break.
Barbara is an asset the Women's Center and to this profession. Thank you Barbara for being you and the caring person you are.