Audra Casper
August 2020
Wilkes-Barre VA Medical Center
United States




In early March, work drastically changed at the Medical Center. In addition to all of the changes related to COVID, we had 3 retirements and our Nurse Manager was deployed. Audra was assigned to cover the Nurse Manager, managing the SPU, Oncology, GI Lab, and both COVID screening tents. In such a brief time, she was able to improve the screening process in the COVID tents. This process enhanced safety and expedience. One process ensured that Veterans coming for appointments never waited in the crowd of staff entering. She would take time to educate each patient and ensured they were properly donning their mask.

She would also ensure every unit assigned to her was appropriately staffed, sometimes assisting with care when needed. Every initiative she was involved with was improved from her input. She proved that Veterans are her mission and she will do everything she can to give them the care they deserve.