Ashley Adams

Ashley Adams

Ashley Adams, RN

Neuro Trauma ICU
CoxHealth: Springfield and Monett
Springfield, Missouri
United States

Ashley was the night nurse for my mom three nights in a row; I cannot believe what an amazing nurse she is and how lucky we were to have her care for mom. She is so deserving of the DAISY Award - I will take a few minutes to explain why.

Ashley is extremely positive no matter what the situation is. After my mom's stroke she was placed on some meds that made her sleepy for three days; every time we came in to visit Ashley remained positive amidst the circumstances. She was clear in her explanations of everything she was doing with mom and talked to mom every single time she was in the room even though mom was not yet responding. Whenever we came in, Ashley would come over and talk to us; she explained what was going on, anything that was new, and even when she had to give us some unpleasant news she always found something positive to say too. She thought outside the box several times during mom's care and did everything she could to guarantee my mom was happy and comfortable. When mom finally woke up, Ashley was more excited than some of my siblings! She was so excited and proud and she was able to convince my younger siblings how exciting this was for mom! Her attitude meant so much to all of us.

During the time Ashley was mom's nurse, we also had to transfer my grandma to Cox South. Ashley was always checking on us with grandma's issues too. She acknowledged everything we were going through and no matter what time of night it was she always checked on us to make sure there was nothing we needed.

I cannot express how fortunate any patient that has Ashley care for him or her. She is a nurse who cares not only for her patients, but she also cares about families. Cox is very lucky to have Ashley on their staff.