Ashleigh Shaw

Ashleigh Shaw

Ashleigh Shaw, RN, BSN

Telemetry/Cardiac Care
Thomas Hospital
Fairhope, Alabama
United States
Ashleigh was so kind and compassionate.

Ashleigh was my nurse on the first night out of the intensive care unit. It is frightening to move from an ICU unit to the floor after such an extensive surgery. Ashleigh was my nurse for the 1st day and 2 additional days. I realized my worries were unfounded. Ashleigh was so knowledgeable, professional and skilled. She made me comfortable in my new unit. She explained everything that she did in a way that I could understand. She never made me feel stupid for asking so many questions. At age 85, I had a lot of questions.

Ashleigh was so kind and compassionate. My care was so complicated and involved, but she never complained. I felt very secure and comfortable in her care. I had to have oxygen, breathing treatments, dressing changes, catheters, and IVs. She had exceptional clinical skills and took great care of all my needs. At my age, I have been hospitalized before. I have never had better care from a clinical or professional standpoint.

Ashleigh chose the right profession. She should be an example to all nurses.