Ariell Adelman

Ariell Adelman, RN

5E Acute Pediatrics
Los Angeles, California
United States

My thirteen-year-old daughter G was admitted to RRUCA with a possible brain injury. We were taken to the Pediatric floor and were cared for by nurse Ariella. G was going through severe symptoms, which were upsetting for us to watch, and kept Ariella on her toes. My daughter was put through multiple tests and our nurse Ariella was there with my daughter to explain what was happening to her at the time. G therefore bonded with Ariella and trusted her completely because she was straightforward with her. G did not like being spoken to as if she were five-years-old and Ariella treated her with the respect she deserved. During a very painful lumbar puncture, G’s sense of pain was intensified due to her brain injury. Ariella was one of the few people who were able to talk to G and ease her tension. Then the doctors ordered a brain biopsy. G was scared to death and would not even talk to me—her mother. Ariella then shared her story of having had a biopsy of a tumor on her spine and how that helped her doctors figure out a plan to ease her pain. G listened to Ariella who did not lie and tell her the biopsy process was not scary or painful. The nurse provided straight-forward answers to any questions G had. In another scenario, G started to become anxious over an MRI test and Ariella was helpful in getting her some medication to calm her down. G was treated and respected for the little girl she is by Ariella and I got the sense that G was never just another patient to her but rather someone special. Ariella was a fantastic nurse who deserves to be recognized for the outstanding care she provides to each of her patients.