Ansleigh Bennett

Ansleigh Bennett

Ansleigh Bennett, RN

South Georgia Medical Center
Valdosta, Georgia
United States
Ansleigh came into our room with such grace, love, and compassion.

I am not sure where to begin.  I loved all of the nurses during my dad's most recent admission.  Let me share our story a little bit. My father was just recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  This was a complete heart-wrenching shock to us.  He has been our backbone for so very long and now our life has completely changed.  If we ever needed anything from anyone we could always count on my dad being there.  My dad is the type of man who would give the shirt off his back if he saw you needed it more.  He is loved by so many and now we have no idea what we are going to do with the thought of being without him. 

Ansleigh came in one night and was our nurse for the next twelve hours. I know God sent her to us that night for this was the night that we just learned of his diagnosis.  Ansleigh came into our room with such grace, love, and compassion.  She could tell we (me, my dad, and my mom) were upset and had previously been crying.  She asked us if there was anything she could do for us, and my dad asked something that I was shocked that he would ask someone who he had never met before.  He asked Ansleigh if she would mind praying with us. Ansleigh happily sat down her things (I know she was busy and we were not her only patient but that didn't stop her), and sat on the edge of my dad’s bed and held our hands and led a prayer for us.  My heart overflowed with love and peace from her.  I could immediately tell that it helped my dad’s feelings.  

As many times as I have been in the hospital for myself, my children, or family...I have never experienced this kind of love before.  I could tell that this was not just a work shift for her, she loves what she does.  The best part is after her shift was over the next morning she came and told us bye and that she would see us again. The next few nights of our stay, even when she wasn't our assigned nurse, she would pop her head in our room just to say hello and see if we needed anything. This was the very best experience I have had in a hospital and it shouldn't have been. For this was the worst news we have ever received from our doctors and yet our nurse made our days so much better.  She was our saving grace.