Annmarie Delpup

Annmarie Delpup, RN

St. Joseph Mercy Oakland (MI)
Pontiac, Michigan
United States

Annmarie showed such compassion for her patient in the ICU. The patient was admitted to ICU after delivering a premature baby and was very ill. Her baby was admitted to the NICU at 23 weeks gestation, critically ill as well.

It was apparent the baby would not survive and Annmarie brought the mother to her ill baby's bedside three times during her shift. Even though she was very busy in the ICU she made it possible for this mother to see her baby before he passed away. I know this mother was eternally grateful for Annmarie's acts of kindness and caring. This mother will never forget her.

The entire ICU staff supported Annmarie so she could do this for this mother.