Annette Smith

Annette Smith, RN OCN

Womens Cancer Center
Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States
While Annette is tending to me, I feel as though I am her sole patient.

To anyone who would lend an ear, I have always spoken highly of that Oakland Women’s Hospital. I have never complained about visiting and spending countless hours, whether it be for chemotherapy, radiation, oncologist follow-up appointments, multiple port surgeries, iron infusions, or a myriad of tests.

It is not the physical structure which provides me this great level of comfort, peace, and serenity which I describe. It is the attentive, sensitive and conscientious caretakers who go above and beyond the call of duty in their standard typical patient-care work day, every day, like Annette Smith.

The DAISY Award celebrates extraordinary and compassionate nursing care, for which Annette exceeds in all forms of measurement. The one quality which stands out for me personally is Annette's kind-heartedness and listening gifts, which have helped me champion this challenge in life, not once, but two times! While Annette is tending to me, I feel as though I am her sole patient. Going down this path once is hard enough, but walking down this path a second time, with bigger and defying hurdles, sometimes the positivity is lost, questioned, or non-existent.

Annette steps in and provides me a listening ear and helps to soften the physical and mental angst. There always seems to be one who stands out in a crowd - in this case, measured over a six-year timeframe - I would like to formally recognize my favorite and most professional caretaker, Annette Smith, for this richly deserved award.