Anne Brundige

Anne Brundige, RN, CMSRN

CHI Franciscan Health - Harrison Medical Center: Bremerton and Silverdale
Bremerton, Washington
United States
Anne's the kind of nurse that we all hope to be just like someday: unbelievably compassionate, knowledgeable, kind, strong, and a great team player.

I have been thinking of what makes a truly great nurse. Traits like knowledge, leadership, compassion, kindness, and empathy are what come to mind, and Anne embodies them all. She is the kind of nurse, and more importantly, the kind of person that we should all strive to be. It makes me proud and so grateful to work on a team with her. When it comes to compassionate care, Anne goes above and beyond. She really takes the time to listen to her patients and get to know them. If we have patients or families that return to our unit, Anne is the first to recognize and greet them. They trust that she will help make their stay the best that it can be. Anne is often our charge nurse at night and she goes out of her way to follow up on patients and their family members as well. I know they feel well taken care of and it makes me proud to have such an exceptional nurse on my team.

 As a newer nurse, I am constantly seeking advice and Anne is a wealth of information. Her passion for teaching shines and she is always genuinely excited to assist anyone (be it staff, patients, or visitors) in their learning journey. She always has the answer or knows where to find it or who to ask. Anne always makes me feel supported and I never leave a shift she leads feeling like I was on my own. She strives to make our unit better and asks for our feedback or ideas about what we could do to improve. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she has a way of getting you excited to pitch in, even when the project seems minute.

 When I bring up Anne to other nurses on my unit I hear nothing but praise. Everyone loves her style of leadership: caring and organized! She really puts a lot of effort and thought into the shift she runs and it shows. I feel taken care of during my shifts with her and I know that no matter what happens during the night she will be looking out for us all. This seems to be the consensus of everyone that has the pleasure of working with Anne. She's the kind of nurse that we all hope to be just like someday: unbelievably compassionate, knowledgeable, kind, strong, and a great team player. Not to mention she has a fantastic sense of humor!

 I feel so lucky to be part of 3 West and so blessed that I have the chance to work with Anne. I can think of no one who deserves the DAISY Award more than she.