Anna Hering

Anna Hering, RN, BSN

Littleton Adventist Hospital
Littleton, Colorado
United States

When Anna was caring for the patient she displayed exemplary care and compassion for both patient and family. Anna and I also had the difficult task of withdrawing the patient from life support. We both knew this would be the hardest thing we have had to do. Anna was calm, compassionate and very caring. She was a calming factor for me, and we helped each other get through this difficult experience. As a respiratory therapist, I have had to withdraw support often during my career. However, these circumstances made it more difficult for me because I have children close to the patient's age. This difficult situation was made easier by Anna's care and compassion. She showed the utmost strength and respect for the family at this difficult time.

Nominated by an associate

My 33-year-old daughter had a brain aneurysm and massive stroke two weeks ago. Anna has been one of the most outstanding nurses that has cared for her and continues to care for her as I write this. There have been many nurses involved in my daughter's continued care, but Anna is a gentle, loving, understanding, patient and knowledgeable nurse that I have had the pleasure to work with minute by minute, day by day. Anna has never tired of my endless questions and she treats my daughter with respect and dignity. LAH is blessed to have her on their staff!

Nominated by a patient's mother