Ann Bennion

Ann Bennion

Ann Bennion, RN

Diabetes Education
Swedish Edmonds
Edmonds, Washington
United States
In her very nature, Ann exudes confidence and caring.

Ann was hired 3-4 years ago as a per-diem nurse in the Diabetes Education Program, a part of the Preventive Care Department. She was a standout when we hired her. She was thoughtful, careful when she spoke to be understood but yet be committed to advocating for patients or improvements in the department that would lead to better programmatics. In her very nature, she exudes confidence and caring. With her abilities for assessment and reaching for an understanding of the patient's perspective, she develops rapport and learns the best way to help and educate people.

In meetings, Ann listens first to understand and then makes very profound comments/observations that lead others to see a new possibility or perspective. As a result, we all benefit and create a stronger department. She is kind of like that commercial when EF Hutton speaks, everyone listens, if you are familiar with that commercial. Yet with her soft-spoken ways, she gains the trust of people which is critical in our roles here in Diabetes Education. Her interventions always respect the person and their values. She also initiates follow up and re-evaluation with clients she has served that shows her dedication to making sure they truly understand her recommendations and also appreciating the need that clients have for positive reinforcement and praise for their efforts for behavioral change.

Ann has shown herself to be a lifetime learner, taking on new responsibilities in the department which include becoming an expert in insulin adjustments and gaining the trust of the hospitalists with regard to her recommendations. She is now launching herself into new areas of growth that include becoming certified in insulin pump management. She always knows her limits and knows when to ask questions and gain assistance from mentors in the department. She also has shown herself to be competent in the Cardio-Pulmonary Rehab department. She has great relationships with her peers within both departments. She always has a smile on her face and a welcoming attitude to her clients.