Angie Corey

Angie Corey

Angie Corey, RN, BSN

Maternal Child Health
Mercy Gilbert Medical Center
Gilbert, Arizona
United States
We knew everything was going to be okay because Angie was streamlining the process and taking care of us.

Angie was our day shift nurse that truly went above and beyond her required expectations and guided us through the delivery of our first child.

Angie has an approachable and confident demeanor.  Upon first meeting her, we could tell that she was a nurse that was knowledgeable and skilled.  Truly someone you would want to be caring for you and your loved ones, knowing that she could handle the toughest of assignments.  She also went above and beyond to be accommodating in order to make the stay feel comfortable and seamless.One of the best attributes of Angie as a nurse is how she includes the patient and appropriate family in the medical decision making process.  Often she would take the time to fully explain why certain procedures or timeliness of care are done in a particular order or reason.  Labor is a dynamic process, at times when we voiced concern or disagreement with the plan of treatment, she took the time to fully listen and contemplate our concerns and keep an open discussion about the topic, relaying our voice and advocating for us as patients.  There were a lot of decisions made, many tough ones.  Through Angie’s guidance, we felt comfortable with all of them.

One particular event we recall is when my wife wasn’t responding to a relatively common procedure the way most patients do.  This was leading to an immense amount of pain and fear for the patient and frustration for our family.  Angie sprang into action!  Immediately she had a possible solution to fix the situation and moved mountains to expedite the appropriate providers to respond to the room.  Truly this should have been a low point of our stay, but Angie’s composure and problem solving abilities left us in a state of awe.  We knew everything was going to be okay because Angie was streamlining the process and taking care of us.

To be honest, nothing went the way we wanted it to during our delivery.  We often jokingly refer to it as the labor that nothing went as planned.  It should have been an awful stay, but sometimes people are put in your life at the right time.  Angie was our person.  She was with us through it all.  We couldn’t have done it without her.  She made everything okay and genuinely cared for our family.  We can look back fondly on our stay because of her.  Angie truly exemplifies what a DAISY nurse is and deserves to be recognized for her excellence in the profession and consistent quality of care.

Thank you Angie, from the bottom of our hearts!