Angie Albers

Angie Albers

Angie Albers, RN, BSN

VA Central Iowa Healthcare System
Des Moines, Iowa
United States
Angie was confident, compassionate, respectful, and lighthearted while providing extraordinary care.

My husband, a Vietnam Veteran and lifelong public servant, was recently hospitalized in the VA Telemetry unit. Angie provided exceptional care during his stay.

My husband has a complicated medical history and hospitalizations are always stressful for both of us. Angie was confident, compassionate, respectful, and lighthearted while providing extraordinary care. She made us both feel at ease during some difficult days.

She worked with the entire medical team in coordinating my husband’s care. She quickly either answered our questions or consulted with the medical team to provide information, lessening our anxiety. The education that she provided for my husband took into account his cognitive challenges. She helped develop a plan that included both goals of making him compliant yet independent.

I also had the opportunity to briefly observe as she interacted with other nursing members. She appeared to be a role model and mentor for others. My husband was so impressed by her care during his stay that he specifically requested to speak to Angie’s manager to recognize what a special nurse she is.

We choose to come to the VA. My husband sustained a traumatic brain injury as a result of a catastrophic medical illness. For several years after his injury, he seemed to be held hostage by the resulting impairment. Most days, my husband’s life was spent being immobilized by depression, where he would spend most of the time crying. The private healthcare world had failed my husband. As my husband says, “Angie is vocationally trained as a nurse, but she is a real people person. She treats the patients with respect, caring, and has a listening attitude.”

Since coming to the VA, my husband has gotten his life back. He is productive every day, enjoys spending time with his family, is helpful to others, and volunteers without expecting any recognition. We have been able to enjoy life in a way we never thought possible after his injury. Angie is a great example of the VA Core values.