Angelito Abarquez

Angelito Abarquez, RN

Kaiser Permanente Walnut Creek Medical Center
Walnut Creek, California
United States

Lito is an outstanding contributor to patient care as a Registered Nurse. Lito delivers patient care with compassion, humility and expertise. Lito is a resource and a mentor to his colleagues. I find Lito to be an excellent example of caring to patients, coworkers and people in general. Lito exhibits well rounded qualities of caring, knowledge and critical thinking in his work. Having Lito in our department adds a professionalism and example of what a nurse should be. Lito has a wife and 3 daughters that he is very proud of. Lito enjoys music and running for exercise. Lito is a 40 hour per week RN and works diligently and without complaints. Lito can be counted on to find a solution to any obstacles or challenges in CMU. Lito is a staff nurse three and has filled the role of RHC over an extended period of time. Lito is very well respected by his colleagues, physicians and management. I am very proud of Lito for receiving the daisy award.

Lito was nominated by a patient:
He took care to see I had everything I needed and that I felt as comfortable as possible. Lito also explained the role each medication played and about the procedures (cardioversion, angiogram). This guy is so bright…