Angela Amos

Angela Amos

Angela Amos, RN

Advanced Valve Center
Winchester Medical Center
Winchester, Virginia
United States
During this time, Deb and Angela again made the “trek” to visit her room on multiple occasions to express their sadness and to comfort any visitors.

In preparation for a mitral valve clip procedure, Deb Myers and Angela Amos took our wife and mother, E, to their hearts (and under their wings so to speak) and, in a “stat” manner, assisted her and her family with scheduling and completing all the required tests and procedures to determine her fitness and readiness for the clip procedure.  Following a successful placement of the clip, during her subsequent hospital stay until her discharge two weeks later, they demonstrated further their care and concern by making the “trek” from their office to her room (not a short distance) to monitor her recovery process.

After being discharged, E enjoyed about four weeks of relative improvement of her quality of life.  But during the next four weeks, she went through varying degrees of stress until she was admitted to another local hospital with a significant buildup of fluid around her heart and lungs.  When her condition deteriorated following an intensive protocol of intravenous diuretics, a family member reached out to Angela and voiced their concern.

Angela and Deb immediately acted to facilitate E’s expedited transfer to Winchester Medical Center to determine the feasibility of performing the TAVR procedure, which might possibly facilitate reducing sufficient fluid to alleviate her stressed breathing.  When this course of action was deemed to be unfeasible, the family was advised there was not much more that could be done for her, other than keep her comfortable.

During the week prior to her demise, family members spent as much coveted and precious closure time as they could with E.  During this time, Deb and Angela again made the “trek” to visit her room on multiple occasions to express their sadness and to comfort any visitors.  Every family member who experienced these visits was deeply touched by their compassion.

While her family believes that E was a very special person (which she indeed was) and the Deb and Angela made a special connection with her resulting in their extraordinary treatment and consideration of her, we feel that they try and, undoubtedly in most cases, succeed in making those special connections with all the patients they serve.

It takes special individuals to touch every person they come in contact with in a positive way, and we feel they go above and beyond in making all their patients feel special.  Therefore, we, E's family wholeheartedly believe they are true DAISY Nurses.