Angela Adeli

Angela Adeli

Angela Adeli, RN

Florida Hospital Altamonte
Altamonte Springs, Florida
United States

Every patient has only praise for Angela. Last week one husband and wife in particular said that Angela had gone above and beyond to make them comfortable and ensure that every need they had was met. They said they had never met a more caring and loving individual than her. When they were discharged they made a contribution to The Bags of Hope of Central Florida program to feed hungry children in central Florida in honor of the care they had received. Their submission said that Angela “truly lived the mission statement of Florida Hospital Altamonte.” Recently this family returned to our floor and once again requested that she be assigned to them, although I was unable to accommodate that request, she spent time after every shift to provide emotional support. Unfortunately this family suffered the trauma of losing their loved one, on the day he passed away on our floor; it was Angela that the wife called at home to come be with her. She also will visit other patients who have left us to go to hospice or rehab to ensure they are still being cared for and to let them know that they still have someone looking out for them.

Angela is a member of our NPC; in the one year that she has been a RN on our floor she is always willing to work extra. You often hear her on the floor offering help to her co-workers. No request made of her is ever met with resistance.

She has infectious positively; no matter how busy or stressful our floor is she is right there with a cheerful smile and an offer to help. She has only been a nurse for a short time, but sets the example for both our seasoned staff and our new graduates.