Amy Wirth

Amy Wirth

Amy Wirth, RN

Ortho/Neuro Unit
Bronson Battle Creek
Battle Creek, Michigan
United States

I died on June 3, 2014. Thanks to Amy, I lived to tell the tale.

As Amy administered medication and made small talk, it was apparent that this she was genuine, caring, compassionate, understanding and confident. The patient relates that she and Amy bonded very quickly which she didn't know could be so easy. When the patient's condition changed rapidly and she was rushed to CCU, Amy stayed by her side and advocated for her. During their conversation earlier in the night, the patient had shared with her that despite her DNR, she wanted life-saving measures. Amy continually asked the patient questions to nullify the DNR. She was professionally forceful and fought consistently to make sure everyone knew the patient's wishes.

"She maintained a calm voice with me, keeping me distracted from the trouble I was in. Her compassion under the pressure to save my life gave me a sense of security and an energy I had never experienced before."

When the patient awakened, Amy was by her side, holding her hand. The patient says she doesn't know how many people the nurse had to convince of her wishes, but she "took ownership of the issue, listened to me carefully, communicated with me clearly, handled the situation professionally and had the knowledge and experience to do it. Amy was the perfect advocate and caring compassionate nurse. Thanks to her, my family, friends, and beloved dog were not left daughterless, sisterless, auntieless, friendless or motherless. Amy is my hero."