Amy Coleman

Amy Coleman, RN

VCU Health System
Richmond, Virginia
United States

I have never met a nurse who shows such compassion and understanding towards her patient and their family. Amy helped us to smile even though we didn’t want to at the time. Some of my father’s issues were sensitive and we felt that several people in the past had talked down to us and made my entire family uncomfortable, not Amy! She showed so much compassion and understanding that she unknowingly diffused the situation many hurt and angry feelings were calmed just because she happened to return to the room and talked with us.
Amy is a nurse because she loves helping people and it shows in all she says and does. My mom is not in good health and Amy went way above and beyond to make sure we had everything we needed and that my mom was ok as well as my daddy. I wish she could have been with us each day. That sure is selfish. She’s a top notch nurse even on the days she was working but not our nurse, just having her come by and chat made us feel more comfortable.